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Spains American Colonies and the Encomienda System

Spains American Colonies and the Encomienda System During the 1500s, Spain methodicallly vanquished pieces of North, Central and South America just as the Caribbean. With local governments, for example, the productive Inca Empire in ruins, the Spanish conquistadorsâ needed to figure out how to control their new subjects. The encomienda framework was set up in a few regions, in particular in Peru. Under the encomienda framework, unmistakable Spaniards were endowed with local networks. In return for local work and tribute, the Spanish master would give assurance and instruction. Actually, be that as it may, the encomienda framework was daintily veiled subjugation and prompted a portion of the most exceedingly terrible detestations of the provincial time. The Encomienda System The word encomienda originates from the Spanish word encomendar, which means to endow. The encomienda framework had been utilized in medieval Spain during the reconquest and had made due in some structure from that point forward. In the Americas, the first encomiendas were passed out by Christopher Columbus in the Caribbean. Spanish conquistadors, pioneers, clerics or pilgrim authorities were given a repartimiento, or award of land. These terrains were frequently very immense. The land incorporated any local urban communities, towns, networks or families that lived there. The locals should give tribute, as gold or silver, yields, and staples, creatures, for example, pigs or llamas or whatever else the land delivered. The locals could likewise be made to work for a specific measure of time, say on a sugarcane estate or in a mine. Consequently, the proprietor, or encomendero, was liable for the prosperity of his subjects and was to make sure that they were changed over and taught about Christianity. A Troublesome System The Spanish crown hesitantly endorsed the giving of encomiendas in light of the fact that it expected to remunerate the conquistadors and build up an arrangement of administration in the recently vanquished regions, and the encomiendas were a handy solution that slaughtered the two winged animals with one stone. The framework basically made landed respectability out of men whose solitary abilities were murder, anarchy, and torment: the lords dithered to set up a New World theocracy which could later demonstrate irksome. It additionally quickly prompted mishandles: encomenderos set outlandish expectations of the locals who lived on their properties, working them exorbitantly or requesting tribute of harvests that couldn't be developed on the land. These issues showed up rapidly. The primary New World haciendas, conceded in the Caribbean, regularly had just 50 to 100 locals and even on such a little scope, it wasn’t some time before the encomenderos had for all intents and purpo ses subjugated their subjects. Encomiendas in Peru In Peru, where encomiendas were conceded on the remains of the rich and forceful Inca Empire, the maltreatment before long arrived at amazing magnitude. The encomenderos there demonstrated a barbaric apathy to the enduring of the families on their encomiendas. They didn't change the standards in any event, when harvests fizzled or fiascos struck: numerous locals had to pick between satisfying quantities and starving to death or neglecting to meet portions and confronting the frequently deadly discipline of the regulators. People had to work in mines for a considerable length of time at once, frequently by candlelight in profound shafts. The mercury mines were especially deadly. During the principal long periods of the pilgrim time, Peruvian locals passed on by the several thousands. Organization of the Encomiendas The proprietors of the encomiendas shouldn't ever visit the encomienda lands: this should eliminate manhandles. The locals rather carried the tribute to any place the proprietor happened to be, for the most part in the bigger urban communities. The locals were regularly compelled to stroll for a considerable length of time with substantial burdens to be conveyed to their encomendero. The terrains were controlled by remorseless administrators and local chieftains who frequently requested additional tribute themselves, making the lives of the locals significantly increasingly hopeless. Ministers should live on the encomienda lands, educating the locals in Catholicism, and regularly these men became safeguards of the individuals they instructed, yet similarly as frequently they submitted maltreatment of their own, living with local ladies or requesting tribute of their own. The Reformers While the conquistadors were wringing each and every bit of gold from their hopeless subjects, the unpleasant reports of misuses accumulated in Spain. The Spanish crown was in a predicament: the regal fifth, or 20% expense on victories and mining in the New World, was filling the extension of the Spanish Empire. Then again, the crown had made it very evident that the Indians were not slaves yet Spanish subjects with specific rights, which were being blatant, deliberately and awfully damaged. Reformers, for example, Bartolomã © de las Casas were foreseeing everything from the total elimination of the Americas to the interminable perdition of everybody associated with the entire ignoble undertaking. In 1542, Charles V of Spain at long last tuned in to them and passed the supposed New Laws. The New Laws The New Laws were a progression of regal mandates intended to stop the maltreatment of the encomienda framework, especially in Peru. Locals were to have their privileges as residents of Spain and couldn't be compelled to work on the off chance that they would not like to. Sensible tribute could be gathered, yet any extra work was to be paid for. Existing encomiendas would go to the crown upon the demise of the encomendero, and no new encomiendas were to be conceded. Moreover, any individual who mishandled locals or who had partaken in the conquistador common wars could lose their encomiendas. The ruler endorsed the laws and sent a Viceroy, Blasco N㠺ã ±ez Vela, to Lima with clear requests to authorize them. Resistance The frontier tip top was enraged with rage when the arrangements of the New Laws got known. The encomenderos had campaigned for a considerable length of time for the encomiendas to be made lasting and tolerable starting with one age then onto the next, something the King had consistently stood up to. The New Laws evacuated all desire for interminability being conceded. In Peru, the vast majority of the pioneers had partaken in the conquistador common wars and could, in this manner, lose their encomiendas right away. The pioneers united behind Gonzalo Pizarro, one of the pioneers of the first triumph of the Inca Empire and sibling of Francisco Pizarro. Pizarro vanquished Viceroy N㠺ã ±ez, who was slaughtered in fight, and essentially controlled Peru for a long time before another traditionalist armed force crushed him; Pizarro was caught and executed. A couple of years after the fact, the second disobedience under Francisco Hernndez Girã ³n occurred and was additionally put down. End of the Encomienda System The King of Spain nearly lost Peru during these conquistador uprisings. Gonzalo Pizarros supporters had asked him to pronounce himself King of Peru, however he cannot: had he done as such, Peru may have effectively part from Spain 300 years ahead of schedule. Charles V felt it judicious to suspend or revoke the most abhorred parts of the New Laws. The Spanish crown still ardently would not allow encomiendas in unendingness, be that as it may, so gradually these terrains returned to the crown. A portion of the encomenderos figured out how to make sure about title-deeds to specific grounds: dissimilar to the encomiendas, these could be passed down starting with one age then onto the next. Those families that held land would in the long run become the local government. Once the encomiendas returned to the crown, they were supervised by corregidores, imperial operators who managed crown property. These men end up being just as terrible as the encomenderos had been: corregidores were named for generally short periods, so they would in general press as much as possible out of a specific holding while they could. At the end of the day, in spite of the fact that the encomiendas were eliminated in the long run by the crown, the parcel of the local laborers didn't improve. The encomienda framework was one of the numerous detestations dispensed on the local individuals of the New World during the success and pilgrim periods. It was basically subjugation, given however a slight (and deceptive) facade of decency for the Catholic instruction that it inferred. It lawfully permitted the Spaniards to work the locals truly to death in the fields and mines. It appears to be counter-profitable to murder off your own laborers, yet the Spanish conquistadors being referred to were just keen on getting as rich as possible as fast as could be expected under the circumstances: this covetousness drove legitimately to a huge number of passings in the local populace. To the conquistadors and pilgrims, the encomiendas were nothing not exactly their reasonable and simply compensation for the dangers they had taken during the triumph. They considered the To be Laws as the activities of an unreasonable ruler who, all things considered, had been sent 20% of Atahualpas recover. Perusing them today, the New Laws don't appear to be radical - they accommodate essential human rights, for example, the option to be paid for work and the option to not be irrationally burdened. The way that the pilgrims revolted, battled and passed on to battle the New Laws just shows how profoundly they had sunk into avarice and savagery. Sources: Burkholder, Mark and Lyman L. Johnson. Provincial Latin America. Fourth Edition. New York: Oxford University Press, 2001. Sewing, John. The Conquest of the Inca London: Pan Books, 2004 (unique 1970). Herring, Hubert. A History of Latin America From the Beginnings to the Present. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1962 Patterson, Thomas C. The Inca Empire: The Formation and Disintegration of a Pre-Capitalist State.New York: Berg Publishers, 1991.

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The History of the Snowmaking Machine

The History of the Snowmaking Machine By definition, snow is solidified ice particles that have the physical honesty and the solidarity to keep up their shape.† It’s typically made by Mother Nature, however when Mother Nature doesn’t convey and business ski resorts or film creators need day off, when snowmaking machines step in. The First Machine-Made Snow Artificial snow began as a mishap. A low-temperature research center in Canada was contemplating the impacts ofâ rime what tops off an already good thing of a stream motor during the 1940s. Lead by Dr. Beam Ringer, the scientists were showering water into the air not long before the motor admission in an air stream, attempting to repeat normal conditions. They didn’t make any rime ice, however they made day off. They needed to over and over shut down the motor and the air stream to scoop it out. Endeavors to popularize a snowmaking machine started with Wayne Pierce, who was in the ski producing business in the 1940s,â along with accomplices Art Hunt and Dave Richey. Together, theyâ formed the Tey Manufacturing Company of Milford, Connecticut in 1947 and sold another ski structure. Be that as it may, in 1949, Mother Nature got parsimonious and the organization was hit hard by a droop in ski deals because of a dry, snowless winter. Wayne Pierce thought of an answer on March 14, 1950. I ability to make day off! he reported when heâ arrived at take a shot at that March morning. He had the possibility that on the off chance that you could blow beads of water through freezing air, the water would transform into solidified hexagonal precious stones or snowflakes. Utilizing a paint shower blower, a spout and some nursery hose, Pierce and his accomplices made a machine that made day off. The organization was conceded a fundamental procedure patent in 1954 and introduced a couple of their snowmaking machines, yet they didn’t take their snowmaking business exceptionally far. Perhaps they were more keen on skis than in something to ski on. The three accomplices sold their organization andâ the snowmaking machines patent rights to the Emhart Corporation in 1956. It was Joe and Phil Tropeano, proprietors of the Larchmont Irrigation Company in Boston,â who purchased the Tey patent and started making and building up their own snowmaking hardware from Pierces structure. Also, as making snow began getting on, Larchmont and the Tropeano siblings started suing different creators of snowmaking gear. The Tey patent was challenged in court and toppled on the premise that the Canadian examination drove by Dr. Beam Ringer originated before the patent allowed to Wayne Pierce. A Flurry of Patents In 1958, Alden Hanson would record a patent for another kind of snowmaking machine called the fan snowmaker. The prior Tey patent was a packed air-and-water machine and had its downsides, which included uproarious commotion and vitality requests. The hoses would likewise once in a while freeze up and it wasn’t unheard for the lines to blow separated. Hanson planned a snowmaking machine utilizing a fan, particulate water and the discretionary utilization of a nucleating specialist, for example, particles of earth. He was conceded a patent for his machine in 1961 and is considered theâ pioneering model for all fan snowmaking machines today.â In 1969, a trio of creators from Lamont Labs at Columbia University named Erikson, Wollin and Zaunier recorded a patent for one more snowmaking machine. Known as the Wollin patent, it was for an uncommonly evolved turning fan cutting edge that was affected with water from the back, bringing about precisely atomized water leaving the front. As the water solidified, it became day off. The creators proceeded to make Snow Machines International, producers of the snowmaking machine dependent on this Wollin patent. They quickly consented to authorizing arrangements with the Hanson patent holderâ to forestall anâ infringement contest with that patent. As part of the permitting understanding, SMI was dependent upon assessment by a Hanson representative.â In 1974, a patent was petitioned for the Boyne Snowmaker, a ducted fan which detached the nucleator to the outside of the conduit and away from the mass water spouts. The spouts were situated over the centerline and on the downstream edge of the conduit. SMI was the authorized maker of the Boyne Snowmaker. in 1978, Bill Riskey and Jim VanderKelen documented a patent for a machine that would come to be known as the Lake Michigan nucleator. It encompassed the current nucleator with a water coat. The Lake Michigan nucleator displayed none of the freezing issues that prior fan snowmakers some of the time experienced. VanderKelen got a patent for his Silent Storm Snowmaker, a numerous speed fan with another style propeller sharp edge, in 1992.

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Burger King Core Competencies Essays

Burger King Core Competencies Essays Burger King Core Competencies Paper Burger King Core Competencies Paper Evaluate the key option utilized by the firm Burger King is the world’s biggest fire seared drive-through eatery chain. As of mid-2009, it worked around 12000 cafés in every one of the 50 states and in 74 nations and U. S. regions worldwide through a mix of organization claimed and diversified tasks, which together utilized about 400,000 individuals around the world. Two significant manners by which Burger King separates itself from contenders are the manner in which it cooks cheeseburgers by its fire seared technique instead of barbecues that fry and the choices it offers clients with respect to how they need their burgers. They additionally separated itself with some inventive publicizing efforts as the years progressed, for example, its utilization of a figure of a man who is the Burger â€Å"King†. In searching for new nations to enter, Burger King looks most well at those with huge populaces (particularly of youngsters), high utilization of meat, accessibility of funding to franchisees for development, a protected expert business condition and accessibility of a potential franchisee with experience and assets. Outside of burger King’s America’s gathering (United states and Canada), 37.o percent of the nations and 24.6 percent of the restautants are in Latin American and Caribbean gathering, yet propositions nations represented just 13.5 percent of the non Americas bunch income in monetary 2009. This is to a great extent on the grounds that a large number of these nations have an extremely little populaces. So for what reason did Burger King build up a nearness in these business sectors, despite the fact that at this composing it isn't in nations with a lot greater populaces, for example, India,Russia and South Africa. The appropriate response is to a great extent because of an area factor. Burger King remains headquartered in Miami on the grounds that such a large number of individuals from Latin American and the Caribbean come to or through Miami, Burger King’s notoriety overflowed to that zone at an opportune time. This streamlined picking up brand acknowledgment and accepatance. Further, the closeness of the Latin American and Caribbean nations to Miami improves the capacity of Burger King the executives to visit these nations and for franchisees to visit Burger King’s central station. In general Burger King claims 12 percent of its cafés and establishments the rest by possessing, Burger King shows showcase responsibility and in the event that the nation ends up being as alluring as envisioned, at that point the claimed activities might be more beneficial for Burger King than sovereignties got from franchisees.

What A Higher Education Means To Me Essay Example for Free

What A Higher Education Means To Me Essay As a military official working with the United States of America’s Air Force, an advanced education implies a ton to me. The United States of America’s Air Force crucial to convey sovereign choices in an offer to offer safeguard to the country and serve other worldwide intrigue. It is the most youthful of the U. S Armed Force’s branches and it was made in 1947. The United States of America Air Force flies and battles in air, space and in the internet. The US Air Force’s vision is worldwide watchfulness reach and force (Sandra, 2004) As a military official, facilitating my instruction is vital since it will set me up successfully to impact the air force’s vision of saving vigil for the globe, arriving at different globes just as practicing force and power of the United States of America’s Air Force. Going for additional examinations implies propelling my insight and aptitudes. In today’s globalized world, the United States of America’s Air Force officials should be increasingly proficient in order to be in a situation to offer powerful help in today’s exceptionally requesting, testing and complex globe. Advanced education suggests that I will acquire specialized information and aptitudes. Worldwide watchfulness is exceptionally requesting and it is extremely unlikely an Air Force official can keep watch, day and night on a globe which he doesn't have sufficient information and data on its monetary, political and social perspectives. Along these lines, seeking after further examinations on legislative issues of different countries will set me up in realizing what's in store. For example, when the United States of America’s Air power is relied upon to keep an eye on dealings of state a neighboring or a psychological militant country, earlier information and data on the given country is urgent since it enables the officials to be in a situation to recognize unusual or unforeseen conduct or tasks of the country. This will make it simple for the military officials to settle on choices on whether to assault the country or not. Therefore, choices to propel instruction for military officials in the US of America’s Air Force has been met by a great deal of help (Sandra, 2004) Many Air Force officials want to propel their training. Promoting one’s instruction by selecting for concentrates in an organization of higher learning infers that the Air Force officials will likewise propel their professions, which means offering viable support of the network. In many foundations of higher learning for Air Force officials, language contemplates and social examinations have been engaged at administration scholastics. These examinations are significant in that it is extremely unlikely United States of America’s Air Force officials can impart to different officials over the globe without the utilization of language. An advanced education likewise implies that I will be increasingly compelling and will convey recommendable support of the United States Air Force, the United States country and the entire globe. Powerful help infers that my seniors I. e. the Chief Master sergeant of the Air Force or the Air Force head of staff will perceive my great work. Proceeded with evaluations, affirmations and prizes will imply that my seniors may choose to remunerate my endeavors and assurance my giving me an advancement which will mean a great deal to me. Different honors by the Air Force secretary will likewise help support my confidence and spur me to perform better. In today’s’ globalized world, the United States of America’s Air Force and some other country need further training in order to have the option to move with headways and advances in the utilization of Information Communication Technology (ICT). Further instruction assumes the job of furnishing me with upto date disclosures in the field of innovation. Likewise, further instruction can help me in completing examination and review on different issues influencing the United States of America’s Air Force and some other Air Force bases over the globe. For example, completing exploration on the utilization of elective wellsprings of fuel in the United States of America’s military power. All in all, advanced education is extremely essential for the United States of America’s Air Force and some other flying corps or military power over the globe in affecting their objectives and missions. Individuals should change their recognitions that going for additional examinations is a misuse of assets and time for the Air Force officials. Advanced education is the way to viable help. Reference Donovan (2004) The U. S Air Force, Lerner distributions (23-27)

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Analysing Of The Riba Work Stages

Dissecting Of The Riba Work Stages On every one of the underlying work phases of a task the engineer is associated with numerous ways and utilizations numerous aptitudes. Before the engineer starts any work they should be delegated under the RIBA brief conditions understanding or SW 99. Coming up next is a short layout of what a designer does in a RIBA standard understanding among engineer and customer. The initial two RIBA work stages go under term ‘Preparation’ in the ‘RIBA, Outline Plan of Work 2007’. The principal stage will be stage A, ‘Appraisal’; this primarily includes setting up the requirements of the customer. Three principle errands are completed. All through the underlying phases of the venture consistent correspondence between the draftsman and customer happens. Right off the bat, the modeler must do studies to decide the plausibility of the Client’s prerequisites. The engineer may likewise audit the elective structure and development draws near and the cost ramifications of each with the customer. At this stage the modeler may likewise give data to gives an account of the cost ramifications. During stage B (Design Brief) the underlying ‘Statement of Requirements’ is formed into the ‘Design Brief’. In spite of the fact that this is the duty of the customer the engineer frequently adds to its improvement moreover. Stages C, D and E go under the heading ‘Design’. This starts with Stage C (Concept), where the modeler would as a rule be required to plan plot proposition for things, for example, the structure and building administrations. The planners additionally create idea structures for venture. All through this stage the planner will rent with different individuals from the group, for example, engineers, amount assessors and arranging managers. This correspondence causes the engineer to furnish the customer with data on estimated development expenses and cost arranging which should then be surveyed by the customer in the stage report. Stage D (Design Development) includes the finishing of the venture brief and the further advancement of the idea plans. At this stage a quote, or data for a quote, must be given and the engineer will be working intimately with legal arranging specialists, for example, nearby arranging offices. The draftsman should likewise set up a point by point arranging application, including drawings and a ‘Access and Design Statement’. Toward the finish of stage D the planner must get marked endorsement by the customer of a phase D report (this is comprehensively sketched out in Task 3). The Shirebrook Academy has quite recently observed the consummation of this stage and has now been submitted to arranging. b) Involvement by the structural technologist in the science and innovation of the structure, instead of the imaginative and masterful side, is the fundamental contrast between crafted by the draftsman and the design technologist. A conside rable lot of the errands embraced cover with crafted by the draftsman and a solid coordinated effort exists. For instance, when taking a shot at stages C and D both modeler and structural technologist may cooperate on building up the undertaking brief and configuration program, each contributing explicit abilities to the venture. The structural technologist may contribute by assessing and exhorting upon ecological systems and material detail, while the modeler may take a shot at spatial connections and development way graphs.

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IHTFP There is a whiteboard in Bens office which was apparently once used for admissions work, but for years it has been taken over by students. It is now covered in graffiti such as witty poetry and linear algebra homework, and it changes regularly throughout the year. Currently written on said whiteboard: I hate everyone and everything, including you. Keri Name any topic and Ill tell you why I hate it. Laura I will kill you with a bat. -Christina 10 It must be finals week! Ben Why am I telling you about my bitterness? Because its an important part of my life. No, really. To all of the recently admitted, and any other hopefuls who are imagining what life might be like here, here is some important information: Under most conditions, you will love MIT. You will think, I Have Truly Found Paradise. You will love the living groups and the fact that you get to choose where you live and stay with something like a family for years, and you will love the way that grades are flexible and dependent on the class average because youll feel that even if the material is hard youre all in it together with your classmates. Then you will go frolic a meadow somewhere with some bunny rabbits, and strangers will give you cookies without razor blades in them for trivial reasons, and life will be a beautiful place. Under certain other conditions, however, you will hate MIT. HATE IT. These conditions might be finals week, the weeks before Thanksgiving and spring breaks, and random other times of the year when life explodes in your face. Currently, I am in one of those conditions. It is finals week, and I hate everything. In fact, I just got back from my last final (meaning Im technically done for the semester and will be going home tomorrow), and I STILL hate everything. I hate how the living groups work here because I have to live with the same people for years and years and theyre all starting to drive me crazy, I hate that my 2.005 final exam came with about half of the necessary thermodynamics equations so I spent a good 15 minutes during the exam trying to remember if the log of the pressures was related to the ideal gas constant or specific heat at constant volume in the equation defining entropy change in an adiabatic process, I hate that the grades are so flexible that I have no idea how well I did in 2.12 despite the fact that I spent hours staring at the course notes until I finally actually understood the concept behind the inertia matrix and how to use in summation form to simplify Lagranges equations of motion. In short, I Hate This eFfing Place. If you come here, youll have moments when you effing hate it too. But the hatred will be temporary, and eventually youll go back to loving the place in just the way that you imagine you will now, just like I will. Check back in with me in 2 weeks- Ill be back on campus taking Italian, and Ill be so much happier than I am now. But be prepared- because the more you love this place, the more you hate it sometimes. Just so that you know.

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Tips on How to Write a Scholarship Essay

Write the Best Essay for Scholarship People rarely consider writing an essay the chance to win money for studying while the sums we are talking about are big. And writing is the skill that you have to develop to succeed. You’re gaining these skills when practicing. So the more you try to write the better the essays will become. New ideas, arguments, appeals to the reader are all necessary not only for winning money but you will also use them in your future profession. There are strict rules that you have to follow to win the scholarship with the essay. If you decide to use your creativity and turn the college scholarship essay into an anecdote or something funny, you will definitely fail. You have to cope with the task and you need to show you can do it the best way possible. The judges compare the essays and pick up the best one. We’ll give you scholarship paper writing prompts below. How to write a good scholarship essay There’s one thing that can spoil your efforts and best intentions to compose a winning paper. It’s time. Yes, if you waste time and postpone completing your assignment, you are sure to fail. That’s why you should never postpone your work. Once you have the task or the question you need to answer, start working on it. What are the other tips on how to write a scholarship essay? Scroll down to see them. Read the instruction Too obvious? We’ll tell you No. Even if you create a real masterpiece and it will look like a painting by Picasso, you will fail if you don’t follow the rules. If you read the instruction once and you don’t understand what you should do, reread it. We recommend you print it out and underline essential points. If you have no scholarship essay format guidelines, it’s better to use the 12 Times New Roman Font with adequate margins on both sides. Mind your reader Try to find out as much as possible about your future judge. The more you know the higher chances you have in case you use the language and the style that this person prefers. Consider your future profession and the hobbies of the reader. Try to say you deserve the essay scholarship for college students more than others and you have to give reasons that the judges will love. Brainstorm the ideas Brilliant thoughts are waiting for the invitation from you to come in your mind. They don’t appear in your mind just in a moment. How to get inspiration? Take a pencil and a piece of paper. Write down the key words from the title and start thinking. Put everything that comes to your mind into paper, reread the list and write down more items. Your mind will provide many variants to choose from. Make an outline An outline is essential for writing a scholarship essay. It will give you a clear picture of how to get to the final point. The outline will make your writing easier and faster. Never underestimate it. What’s an outline? This is a kind of a plan where you not only list the points, but also add some notes. Tell your story It doesn’t mean you have to write the whole book for several people. And you shouldn’t turn your essay into a resume. It may seem a bit complicated, but the judges see hundreds or even thousands essays every year, so you should make them think you can prove you are the best among them. They want to know you better, why you want to get the scholarship. Proofread your essay And do this in a few days after you finish writing the text. Otherwise, your eyes and your mind won’t notice any misspelling or missing coma. How to format a scholarship essay? Your mind should be fresh when reviewing the text for stylistic or pragmatic mistakes. And after you end the proofreading, read the text aloud. Thanks to this you’ll be able to hear weird words or phrases in the text if there are any. Have your paper done If these tips and scholarship essay prompts are too challenging for you to implement, feel free to ask for assistance. Our experts with years of experience are ready to help you with any kind of writing issues. Just give the topic of the essay, name your instructions, and set the deadline. All the rest will be done for you. You will need to monitor the process. Or if it is too challenging for you as well, you can download a complete paper and read it before submitting it.